About Air Taxis

Air taxis (also called passenger drones, eVTOLs, flying cars, etc) refer to all drones which have been designed for the transport of people. So far, most of the 200+ concepts of air taxis are focused on urban transport of people via drones. However, there are ideas and reasoning for also exploring such use cases in rural areas. There is still a long way to go in terms of producing platforms for such services and operating them, including technological and regulatory hurdles that must be overcome.

Drones which will carry humans will face a much tougher certification process, alike to that which current aerial people carriers go through. Meanwhile, regulators are beginning to debate what responsible yet permissive legislation in this field should look like national aviation authorities begin to catch up to technological advancements in the commercial drone industry.

Since 2020, several air taxi companies have started making major headlines, especially by entering stock markets. This was particularly the case with Joby, Archer, and Lilium. Our products and services within this field are tailored to helping you be an early entrant to the air taxi market, be it by being up to date with the latest news or by introducing a new solution yourself.

One important aspect of this part of the industry is its direct overlap with aviation and transport of people. For this reason, the topic of drone regulation plays a major role more than any other sector of the drone industry. This also means that the difference between countries and their approach to regulation will play a major role for years to come.

On Demand Market Research and Consulting

Do you need to learn more about air taxis? Droneii is here to help! We offer tailor made solutions to support your strategic decision-making, investment strategy formation and pitch deck creation. As such, we can help you find out more about the role of drones in urban air mobility through:

  • Workshops on the state of the industry;
  • Commercial due diligence on your potential new partner, acquisition or investment in the air taxi industry;
  • Revamping of your pitch deck to help secure investment for your venture;
  • Market research to determine a market entry strategy for your product or service to enter the commercial drone market;
  • Regulatory advise on pathways towards acquiring special permits and exemptions for delivery flights in different countries;

This is a very dynamic and exciting part of the industry, and it captures the public imagination more than any other. There are a lot of components and overlapping industry segments involved, so if you are interested in this market, then reach out to us asap! Read what our clients have to say and check out our service portfolio below, then get in touch to discuss it further!

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