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August 26, 2022
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The Keynote Theatre is one of the outstanding features at DroneX Tradeshow & Conference 2022. At a large open-plan theatre, you will be able to hear seminars and panel debates from industry leaders discussing what the future looks like for the UAV industry.


With the world changing at an incredible pace, we are already seeing last-mile deliveries being done by Drone with the technology for the delivery of people and cargo also advancing at a rapid rate. Covering 4 major UAV sectors (commercial, emergency service, surveillance and UAM) and tackling the biggest issues hitting the industry (shared airspace, sustainability) this is your opportunity to meet those leading the change in person, ask questions and educate yourself on the changing landscape of the industry.

The exclusive 2022 line-up includes:

  • EAMaven, Darrell Swanson, Strategic Advisor on Advanced Air Mobility- ‘Regional Air Mobility as enabled by Advanced Air Mobility’


Darrell Swanson of EAMaven focuses on mode choice demand modelling for AAM and the infrastructure requirements of electric aircraft. Darrell has established himself as a subject matter expert regarding electric aviation and how it will lead to a future of distributed aviation. At DroneX he will be talking about regional air mobility and how it will be enabled by advanced air mobility aircraft. The presentation will explore the RAM market and describe the upcoming publication of the UK Regional Air Mobility Index.


  • Civil Aviation Authority, Mark Wharry, GA & RPAS Safety and Oversight Manager – ‘UK RPAS – The Regulator’s Perspective’


As the UK RPAS industry develops and grows, the CAA has the dual remit of ensuring it does so safely, while proactively and directly enabling the innovation the sector is known for. With technological change and development happening at a rapid pace, what is the safety regulator’s view on how to balance these requirements, integrate with traditional aviation, and truly open up the UK’s skies?


  • NATS Ltd, Mark Watson, Head of UTM Service Integration- ‘The Roadmap for BVLOS Operations in the UK’


NATS believes it has an achievable proposition for the near-term inclusion of regular and sustainable drone-based services in the UK skies. This presentation will describe some of the key building blocks of this and how they are collaborating with the industry to bring this to life, to ensure the airspace is managed in a way that provides safe, fair, and equitable access for both new and existing airspace users.

  • EHang, Andreas Perotti, Chief Marketing Officer- ‘Advanced Air Mobility – The future of transport’


Andreas Perotti, Chief Marketing Officer, will be discussing Advanced Air being the next big thing in the mobility revolution. Drone technologies and autonomous systems for cargo and passenger transport will change how we live, work and travel in the 21st century.


  • ARPAS-UK & Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Graham Brown & Gordon Baker, CEO & Robotics and Autonomous Systems Lead – ‘Achieving the UK”s drone ambition and some steps to achieve the potential’


This joint session will cover an update on the Drone Industry Action Group (DIAG) Ambition Statement and the work that is being carried out to achieve the potential in multiple industries. This will cover the current activities, developments and next steps in enabling technology, regulation, legislation and Government investment to achieve progress and business growth.


  • Lilium, Colin Russell, Head of Safety- ‘Starting safely – developing Advanced Air Mobility


Advanced Air Mobility is coming, and faster than any emergent sector before. Colin believes we have to share and learn together and that companies don’t have the time nor the public appetite to learn through failure individually, nor to use the regulations alone to provide our protection.

DroneX 2022

Free Ticket through Droneii

With between 3,000 key industry individuals in attendance, meeting the right people and opening discussions will help push the industry forward.


Alan will be discussing the ins and outs of how Manna is transforming the delivery landscape using drones. Manna is the largest and most advanced Drone Delivery operation in Europe.


  • Thales UK, Julia Jiggins, Head of Strategic Marketing for Aviation & Space- ‘Accelerating the adoption of drone services at scale in the UK’


Through a combination of cutting-edge technology, proven expertise and game-changing collaboration, UAVs will become dramatically involved in every aspect of our lives. Whether getting medical supplies where they’re needed most or groceries onto doorsteps, UAVs will help individuals and organisations everywhere work faster, safer and better than ever before.


  • PwC, Craig Roberts, Drone Lead- ‘Economic impact of drones on the UK economy’


Craig will be presenting PwC’s Skies Without Limits v2.0 report, which will give us an updated look at the potential impact of drones on the UK economy to 2030. He will cover drone impacts on GDP, cost savings and carbon emissions and discuss the barriers to unlocking the potential. The report was written in collaboration with BEIS and DfT and supports the Drone Ambition Statement.



Inmarsat’s Anthony Spouncer will lead a panel of scientists, engineers, and designers from across airspace management, technology, healthcare, and operators to discuss how unlocking access to BVLOS flight could be good of health.


This year’s lineup of keynote speakers will provide you with valuable business advice which you will not hear anywhere else in the UK; you will meet with industry regulators and innovators alike. This will cover the current activities, developments and next steps in enabling technology, regulation, legislation and Government investment to achieve progress and business growth.


Held to recognise the innovators transforming the sector across the globe, DroneX will also be presenting industry awards, a celebration of the innovations, services, and solutions that have made an outstanding impact on the world of UAVs over the past 12 months. This is an invaluable opportunity for visitors to elevate their industry knowledge, and gain an upper hand on the competition. Each finalist will showcase their product or service to a panel of industry giants in front of a live audience, the awards make for an entertaining and educational break from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.


Come and discover the latest advancements and stay ahead as the UAV industry continues to adapt and diversify. This unparalleled opportunity to connect, add names to your contact book, form career-long relationships, and learn is not one to be missed.

So if you haven’t already get your complimentary ticket here now, we can’t wait to see you there!

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