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Drone Industry Insights is the leading global source for data on commercial drones.

Commercial drones are used for an increasingly vast array of things, including: mapping, surveying land, inspecting infrastructures, photography & film, agriculture, warehousing, delivery, and passenger transport (among others). There are also several types of drones (e.g. fixed-wing, multi-rotor, hybrid, helicopter, or lighter-than air) equipped with all sorts of accessories (EO sensor, IR sensor, multi-sensor pod, multispectral, etc).

Can a drone make your job easier and your business more profitable? What is the right type of commercial drone for a particular task? Which companies specialize in making the commercial drones that fit your needs? Drone Industry Insights can answer all of these questions, and many more.

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We are leaders in commercial drone market research

Kay Wackwitz named one of the most influential people in the commercial drone industry.

“The list is comprised of leaders throughout the commercial drone ecosystem: manufacturers, software developers, end-users, attorneys, researchers, government and more. Although they represent diverse areas within a complex industry, they have this in common: they are all playing a role in driving it forward.”

– Commercial UAV Expo


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