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“DRONEII did a great job delivering an objective report and database, which is exactly what I needed.”

Alex Xie

“We use the Drone Market Report frequently as it helps us a lot in our internal decision-making process. It is difficult to find high-quality drone reports but DRONEII’s report is reliable and is covering important factors.”

Takanori Muto 武藤 崇教
Imaging Systems, Sony Semiconductors

“I highly appreciate the quality of research from Drone Industry Insights and the level of analysis to perform our Benchmark.”

Audrey Pann
Product Line Manager Drones, Thales Group

“Drone Industry Insights offers a broad market overview and convinces with profound studies on the trends and application areas of commercial drones. The data of Drone Industry Insights enable a focused development of our product portfolio and quickly reveal opportunities and risks.”

Leica Geosystems
Director Marketing & Communications, Leica Geosystems

“The Droneii Team helped us define our future potential target markets as well as use cases and competitors. Overall I’d evaluate the service as awesome and very professional.”

Gadi Bar-Ner

“Our investors required a detailed and critical commercial due-diligence study. Drone Industry Insights managed this task very well. The result also helped us to identify strengths and potentials for improvement.”

Florian Seibel
CEO of Quantum Systems

“Droneii’s drone market data are leading in the market for business intelligence. We use them for strategic decision-making for our products”

US Sensor Manufacturer
US Sensor Manufacturer

“The Drone Market Report has served us well and given a thoroughly foundation for our strategical direction with regards to drones.”

Mats Mikalsen Kristensen
Vice President - Unmanned Andøya Space

“Drone Industry Insights provides the most reliable intelligence on the drone industry!”

Andrew Scott
Managing Director - Investment Banking ThinkEquity

“The Team of DRONEII.com did a great job assessing the commercial Swiss drone industry. By creating a holistic picture they laid the foundation for us to better understand and further develop the national drone ecosystem.”

Kevin Satori
Board Member - Drone Industry Association Switzerland
“Drone Industry Insights has emerged as the leading reliable source of knowledge for the drone industry. We find their work very useful and are grateful for their work in helping this amazing industry grow and mature.”
Bentzion Levinson
CEO & Co-Founder, Heven Drones

“The Counter-Drone Report helped us to better understand the overall competitive landscape and the market dynamics. We value this information tremendously.“

Jen Colton
VP Marketing, Fortem Technologies

“The Drone Research Subscription allowed us to access DRONEII.com’s comprehensive knowledge base to refine our business strategy and support us during critical decision-making. The quality of information is unique and the the analyst support helped us to connect with strategically important players in the industry.“

Christoph Schlettig
CEO & Founder at UNISPHERE GmbH

“Drone Industry Insights helped us to evaluate the drone market maturity. Their in-depth analysis of the drone manufacturers’ supply-chain is an important component of our strategic decision-making.”

Patrick Marous
CEO Operating Unit, Thyssenkrupp Aerospace

“The Counter-Drone Report 2020 helped us gain a deep understanding of the market. We frequently use its expert insights for strategic decision-making. A great and compact report we can only recommend!“

Peter Braun
Telespazio VEGA

“The Drone Delivery Report provides a great overview of the state of the drone delivery and it’s future potential. It’s helped us to understand the key players, technologies and markets for our business. Especially, the software stack section is really interesting! Not many people have defined it this clearly yet.”

Adam Klaptocz
Co-Founder and CEO, RigiTech

“In an on-demand market study, Drone Industry Insights helped us to quantify the commercial UAS market. This analysis was a vital piece in our fundraising efforts and in helping us make informed business decisions for the future.“

Eric Butler
COO & CFO, Robotic Skies

”The market study and insights provided by DRONEII.com helped us to align our future services in terms of market needs, competition and go-to-market strategy.“

Ulrich Hoffmann
Project Lead UAV Services Development, Lufthansa Technik AG

“I find it really impressive how the DRONEII.com team have built up a broad and proprietary knowledge base around the commercial drone market ecosystem.“

Bastian Schäfer
Innovation Manager, Emerging Technologies & Concepts AIRBUS

“DRONEII’s due diligence study of the counter-drone market and regulatory landscape helped us significantly in our decision to invest into the industry.“

Dov Rozenberg
Associate, Claridge

“The insights generated through in-depth interviews with commercial drone industry players helped us to better understand our target group and adjust our strategy accordingly.”

Christophe Francois
SVP, Marketing, AirMap

“DRONEII’s market research and competitive intelligence has provided us with an in-depth look into the potential of drones in the construction industry. The total addressable market figures and potential product strategies will go a long way in helping us plan our next steps.“

Liebherr Tower Cranes

“Since being published on the Drone Market Environment Map 2019, we have received collaboration inquiries from several foreign companies.”

Noriyuki Toide
“You provide excellent market updates and insights. In such a dynamic market it is good to have a resource that is doing a great job in keeping the community organized for others to make sense of it.”
Bret Gardner
Director, Partner Development, ISC Consulting Group

“The team of DRONEII.com helped us to find networks and channels to regional markets to reach a stable position in the global drone industry”

Toru Tokushige
Founder & CEO of Terra Motors and Terra Drone

“DRONEII supported us well by providing specific market research including helpful measures and by establishing a relevant network. In my opinion, there is no one who better summarizes the European drone market than DRONEII.”

Maresa Ziegler
Manager Business Development, TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

“As the primary representative of the aerospace industry in Germany, it is important to fully comprehend all aspects of the evolving drone market. DRONEII.com helped us to get an even better understanding in a comprehensive and in-depth drone market study.“

Volker Thum
Managing Director, BDLI - German Aerospace Industries Association

“Drone Industry Insights has become a trusted and reliable partner for ZAL and especially Hamburg’s drone network WiNDroVe. Their in-depth market knowledge and trend assessment have given us valuable information on the commercial drone ecosystem and the technology trends specifically in urban environments.“

Christina Große-Möller
Project Manager, ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research

“As the commercial drone industry is still young it is more than useful to have reliable, motivated and pleasant partners like the team of DRONEII.com. Their deep insights and contacts in the industry help us to make INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO a relevant and successful trade show for the community.”

Juliane Jähnke
Business Development IAS EXPO

“Companies need actionable insights to help guide their businesses forward. DRONEII.com has proven to be a reliable, informed resource for our customers and vendors. We not only rely on them for information about our own business but have had them keynote our event to provide this insight to hundreds of our customers.”

Lisa Murray
Group Director, Commercial UAV Expo Americas/Europe

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This report forecasts the global drone market for 2021-2026, broken down by segment, industry, application method, region, and country. The figures, based on the DRONEII bottom-up market model, help stakeholders in the drone industry make short and long-term strategic business decisions.

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