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At Drone Industry Insights, our core business is constantly creating new knowledge in the field of unmanned systems.

Our comprehensive understanding of the commercial drone market, combined with our in-depth data and a global view, enables us to create customized drone market studies within a very short time at an adequate price.

We have made it our mission to focus and specialize in the niche market of commercial drones while simultaneously expanding our reach to a global level. In this way, you can rest assured that we are the primary and ultimate resource for business intelligence on commercial UAVs. Whether you are looking to start a drone business, carry out due diligence, invest in a drone company, or gain a competitive edge, there is no better place to go than Drone Industry Insights and our drone market studies.

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How Drone Market Studies Work:

  1. Enter your drone project description and/or research request in the contact form below
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  5. Once the proposed project is agreed, our team starts working on your research project
  6. Your project is finished within 6-8 weeks (inc. feedback time)

How We've Helped Our Clients

One of our most unique types of drone market studies is country-specific market research. Most recently since 2021, we have carried out research on the drone markets in Germany and Switzerland. These studies were commissioned by drone associations of each country and provided an in-depth understanding of the state of their respective drone industry. You can read more about these in our blog post or click below to visit the websites for each these drone market studies.

drone market studies DE germany VUL

Country Market Study: Germany
Public Study Commissioned by: Verband Unbemannte Luftfahrt

drone market studies CH switzerland DIAS

Country Market Study: Switzerland
Public Study Commissioned by: Drone Industry Association Switzerland

Our clients range from international corporations (EY, Sony, Shell), to aviation companies (Airbus, Boeing, Lufthansa), drone-specific companies (DJI, SkySkopes, doks., Terra Drone) and anyone looking to understand, enter, or compete in the global drone market. We deliver results that enhance understanding and facilitate decision-making for those who want to thrive with commercial drones. Here are some testimonials and reviews from some very satisfied customers:

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