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Drone Industry Insights is the leading brand and resource for business intelligence in the field of commercial drones. Democratizing drone market intelligence, current trends and future potential is at the core of our philosophy. In fact, we want to help businesses worldwide and across industry sectors to be the best they can be through our drone industry expertise.

That extends from drone manufacturers, software developers, and service providers, to clients from many other industry sectors who realize the potential value that drone technology can add to their business.

We empower drone innovation

“In everything we offer, we are focused on delivering insights and solutions to facilitate effective drone innovation – so our clients can overcome obstacles, quickly take action and leverage opportunities. As such, empowering innovation is at the core of our brand.”

– Kay Wackwitz, CEO of Drone Industry Insights

Kay Wackwitz

In order to deliver value to our clients at DRONEII we are 

Objective and Independent

We believe that only objective and independent analysis can help our clients grow and thrive.


We only make claims that we are 100% sure of and we always back them up.


We care about our clients and our content. We want it to reach everyone in its original form.

Sharing Our Content

We want as many people as possible to enjoy both our free and paid content. Sharing is caring, and when it comes to free content we’re happy for our readers to tweet and post about it as much as they like! To guide you through how you should do this while respecting our brand at the same time (like this!). Here are some dos and don’ts:

DO share our free infographics and articles on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or web page
DON'T remove our logo and name from the graphic
DO feel free to republish our articles on your website
DON'T forget to credit us and back link to our website
DO comment on our posts or when sharing our graphics, we love starting conversations!
DON'T take our insights out of context and misrepresent our findings as something they are not
DO help yourself to our downloadable logo in four different forms
DON'T change the colours of our logo
DO feel free to share and inquire about the public information about our paid content
DON'T share the products you buy from us with people outside your company, it's strictly against our licencing agreement

Our Typography

Aa Zz   Aa Zz   Aa Zz   Aa Zz

Our reports are exclusively in the Helvetica font, elegant, business-oriented and simple for your convenience.

Our website uses exclusively the simple Open Sans font. It reflects our frills-free approach which seeks minimalist design to accentuate the quality of our content.

Our Corporate Colours

These are our corporate colors. When sharing our content, you are advised to use them as laid out below. 






These guidelines explain how you must use and visually present our brand assets at all times. Your use of our brand assets indicates your acceptance of these guidelines, and you understand that your use of our brand assets in violation of these guidelines will result in automatic termination of your license and/or permission to use our brand assets.

  • Use of our brand assets must not mislead consumers as to our sponsorship of, affiliation with or endorsement of your company or your products or services.
  • Our brand assets are our exclusive property. Where used on a web page, our brand assets, as well as the mention of our name, should include embedded hyperlinks to our homepage: www.droneii.com.
  • Our brand assets must be used in a respectful manner. Our brand assets may not be used in a way that harms us, our products or services, or in a manner which, in our opinion, lessens or otherwise damages our reputation or the goodwill in our brand assets. In other words, please do not associate our brand assets with any illicit or illegal activities or use them in a way that is deceptive or harmful.


If you have any questions about sharing our content or would like to inquire about a media partnership with us, contact us through the form below.

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