About Drone Regulations

Drone regulations define what is possible to implement and what not. As of now, national drone regulations across the globe vary greatly and there are no international drone regulations applying to the entire globe. The key aspects of the drone regulatory environment that we monitor and analyse are:

  • new drone laws, especially the legalisation of drones across the globe;
  • EU opinions, directives and regulations;
  • National drone legislation across the globe;
  • Data protection & privacy, telecoms and other legislation that has an impact on drone operations;
  • The International Standards Organisation’s (ISO) progress regarding drone standards;

and much more! Contact us to find out about the full scope of research we conduct.

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Get Our Drone Regulation Report

Find all you need to know about the drone regulatory environment by purchasing our leading industry report on the global regulatory environment for drones!

This reports includes all of the latest insights from top regions and regulatory bodies such as Europe (EASA) and the USA (FAA) as well as Australia, Japan, and more. Additionally, the report includes our custom Drone Readiness Index (DRI) rating the top countries ready to adopt drone technology and use it at its fullest potential. The DRI is our proprietary and exclusive metric to determine which countries are implementing the right regulations to ensure the best and fastest growth of the national drone market.

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How We Can Help You Navigate Drone Regulations

The Drone Readiness Index and Consulting

Do you need to learn more about commercial drone regulations? We’re here to help! We offer tailor made solutions to support your strategic decision-making, business model generation and operational improvement. As such, we can help you find out more about how to navigate regulations all around the globe through services such as:

  • Workshops on the state of regulations;
  • Consultations on how to register, acquire special permits and much more;
  • Updates on international drone standards;
  • Competitive analyses of global drone regulations vis-a-vis your drone industry niches;
  • Market research to determine a market entry strategy for your product given the current drone regulatory environment;

and much more! Check out our service portfolio below. Get in touch with us to discuss it further.

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