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Our Latest Drone Regulation infographic shows a timeline of some of the upcoming drone regulations in several influential drone markets such as the USA, EU, Japan, Canada and Australia.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about the latest drone regulations and how these will affect the industry. The blog also contains some information on our Drone Readiness Index about which countries are most prepared to implement drones into their airspace


This Latest Drone Regulation Infographic provides an easy-to-understand visual timeline for upcoming drone regulations. These regulations are likely to play a very key and influential role on drone operations, so it is imperative that drone operators keep these in mind and take note of when the regulations will take effect.

Understanding the the latest drone regulation can help anyone who wants to use drone technology to its fullest potential. Business developers should become familiar with this latest drone regulation infographic since it can also make it easier to navigate regulatory landscapes and to understand what may or may not be an easy implementation of drone technology.

As more regulations are passed for BVLOS operations, flying over people, and at night, drone applications will continue to grow. As explained in our BVLOS Operations Report, there are several efforts currently under way around the globe to pass regulation that will allow more widespread and diverse drone applications.

To discuss the more about regulation, drone operations, drone applications and/or the big players in the drone market as well as regulatory standards or any other drone-related topics, contact us.


Our Latest Drone Regulations Infographic shows a timeline of upcoming regulation until 2025. This timeline shows several influential drone markets such as the USA, the EU, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, Brazil, and Canada. Some of these countries (e.g. India, South Korea, and Brazil) will be more focused on UTM regulation while others (e.g. Canada, and Japan) are more focused on regulating BVLOS operations.

Many of the upcoming drone regulations will be published in the European Union, which is reflected in our Latest Drone Regulations Infographic. These regulations cover topics from U-Space to eVTOL and perhaps one reason there is more activity in the EU is because of the need by various Member States to adopt the legislation, hence why the timelines make reference to “full adoption [by all Member States]”. Nevertheless, there will also be new regulations implemented in major markets in North America (USA, Canada) as well as Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, India). Both of these major regional markets are certain to see a rise in drone activity once the new regulations are in place and take effect.

The Latest Drone Regulation Infographic also shows that even though some processes have begun, there is still some work to be done before these new regulations are fully-implemented and take effect.

If you’re looking for more information on the latest drone regulation, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“The regulatory mechanisms for the drone industry have continued to evolve rapidly. The latest drone regulations have taken crucial strides towards more BVLOS operations, operations over people, and operations at night, so we are rapidly approaching a time when most of the legislation necessary for large-scale drone operations will be in place.


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