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Electric Aircraft Companies Database

Product Description of the Electric Aircraft Companies Database

This unique database highlights the world of electric aviation and the key players in the industry. It features over 300 companies that are working on solving the issue of sustainable aviation fuels in order to provide a more sustainable and ecologically friendly future for the industry.

  • Exclusive database featuring 349 global electric aircraft companies
  • Data on company segment (e.g.hardware, service), sub-segment (e.g. platform manufacturer, vertiport), and category (e.g. eVTOL, CTOL)
  • Company website, country, region, and city
  • Linkedin company profiles featured (when available)

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Make sure to also download our free Electric Aircraft Companies Market Map


How many companies are working on electric aircraft and the future of sustainable aviation? DRONEII‘s Electric Aircraft Companies Database provides details of all of the companies, organizations, and associations featured in our Electric Aviation Companies Market Infographic. The market infographic is the 1st edition of our unique free resource that provides an overview of the world of sustainable aviation.

This unique and exclusive database includes details of 350 key market players broken down by segment, sub-segment, category, and demographic information. This demographic data includes practical data about each electric aircraft company such as:

  • Company website
  • Location (country, region, city)
  • Linkedin page (where available)

As the world of aviation continues to evolve and adapt to an electric future, more and more companies are sure to enter the market. This translates into a highly-competitive market that will also develop highly-specialized companies that will cater to each segment in the industry. With already over 350 key market players around the globe, this database allows users to have a bird’s eye view of the current state of the electric aircraft industry. Though it would be nearly-impossible to provide a complete collection of each and every company around the world, this database provides a summary of the most active and leading companies working on sustainable aviation and the future of electric aircraft.

  • Hardware:
    • Platform manufacturers: eVTOL (Passenger/Heavy Cargo); eCTOL (Passenger/Heavy Cargo)
    • Components and System Manufacturers
    • Vertiports and Ground Infrastructure developers
  • Service:
    • Associations
    • Booking Platforms
    • Airlines and Operators
    • Market Research, Advisory, and Consulting
    • Projects, Programs, and Prototypes
    • Design, Development, and Engineering
    • Education and Training
    • Autonomy Technology
    • Test Centers
    • Insurance
    • Integration and Conversion
  • Software:
    • Development, Simulation and Testing
    • Flight Planning, Fleet and Operation Management
    • Maintenance

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      FAQs about Electric Aircraft Companies Database

      How does the Electric Aircraft Companies Database differ from other products?

      This database is a collection of over 300 companies across the globe whose primary focus is electric aircraft and the future of electric aviation. Rather than providing analyses or forecasts, the data here is focused on profiling the most active companies leading the electric aviation industry (i.e. their business focus, location, contact information, etc).

      How does this database fit with the Electric Aircraft Market Map?

      While the market map provides an organized visual mapping of 350 electric aviation companies, this database digs deeper into the details of these companies. The database complements the map by providing the companies’ business focus, location (region, country, city) as well as their website and Linkedin page when available.

      Does this database also include financial information?

      No. For financial information and investment data, we offer our Drone Investment Database. Meanwhile, the purpose of this particular product is more focused on providing an overview of the market and its players rather than providing any details on how these companies have performed financially or the investments that they may have received.

      Does the database rank the companies in any way?

      For those who seek a more hierarchical approach, we offer two reports on company rankings. Our Service Providers Ranking and Drone Manufacturers Ranking provide more information about how to rank various companies based on their performance and potential. Moreover, those products also provide in-depth profiles of the top 10 companies in various segments such as drone delivery, remote-sensing, civil drones and dual-use drones.


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      • Region, country and city for each company
      • Website and Linkedin Page for companies
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