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Drone Investment Database 2021

Insights on all public investments within the drone industry

  • Investment trends since 2010 and top 20 investments of 2020
  • List of 1,100+ investments around the world since 2010 by region & country
  • Breakdown of drone investments by segment (hardware, software, services), sector (drone company, passenger drone, counter-drone, UTM), deal type (seed, early-stage, post-IPO, M&A, etc), and series (A, B, C, D)
  • List of top investors by region and number of deals for every investor

Information on partnerships between drone companies and non-drone companies

  • Listing of 750+ partnerships since 2015, including both partners’ regions
  • Distribution of partnerships by segment (hardware, software, services)
  • Who partnered with who:
    • Inter-segment partnerships (hardware-hardware, hardware-software, software-service, etc)
    • Cross-industry partnerships between specialized drone company and non-drone companies

DRONEII‘s Drone Investment Database provides comprehensive data on drone investments and partnerships from 2010 to 2020 split into various segments and types of investment.

Our drone investment database shows investment trends from the past decade, which include 1,100+ investments around the world and describing all regions and countries involved. These investments are broken down by segment (hardware, software, services) as well as sector (drone company, passenger drone, counter-drone, UTM), deal type (seed, early-stage, post-IPO, M&A, etc), series (A, B, C, D), ownership of company (private, public, or merge deal), and size of deal in dollar amounts. The data also includes the top 20 drone investments of 2020 as well as a listing of top investors including region and number of deals for each.

The drone investment database is also complemented by a partnership database. This database is comprised of 750+ partnership deals since 2015, including partners’ region and country as well as a distribution by segment (hardware, software, services). For a macro-economic perspective, the database also includes an analysis of who partnered with who in terms of segments and industries. That means inter-segment partnerships (hardware-hardware, hardware-software, software-service, etc) as well as cross-industry partnerships between specialized drone company and non-drone companies.


1.1 Drone Investments Dashboard
– Table/Graph: Yearly Investments in Overall Drone Market 2010-2020
– Table/Graph: Yearly Overall Drone Market Investments by Segment 2010-2020
– Table/Graph: Yearly Overall Drone Market Investments by Sector 2010-2020
– Table/Graph: Yearly Overall Drone Market Investments by Region 2010-2020
– Table/Graph: Yearly Number of Mergers and Acquisitions 2010-2020
– Table/Chart: Share of Total Number of Investments since 2010 by Company Size
– Table/Chart: Share of Total Number of Investments since 2010 by Founding Date
– Table: Top 20 Individual Venture Capital Investments 2020
– Table: Top 20 Cumulative Venture Capital Investments 2010-2020
– Table/Graph: Investment Volume and Value by Country Share 2020
– Table/Graph: Investment Volume and Value by Country Share 2010-2020

1.2 List of Investments

1.3 List of 2020 Investors


2.1 Drone Partnerships Dashboard
– Table/Chart: Partnerships According to Overall Drone Market Segment 2015-2020
– Table/Chart: Total Number of Drone Market Partnerships 2015-2020
– Table/Chart: Drone Company Partnership Pairings by Segment 2015-2020
– Table/Chart: Drone Companies Partnership Pairings by Drone vs Non-Drone Industry 2015-2020
– Table/Chart: Non-Drone Company Partnerships with Drone Companies per Segment 2015-2020

2.2 List of Partnerships

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      FAQs about Drone Investment Database

      How does the Drone Investment Database differ from other products?

      Unlike other in-depth written reports, our database is comprised of an .xlsx file with listings of over 1,100 drone investments as well as 750+ partnerships in the drone industry. This is all the raw data that can be subsequently used to study particular trends, patterns or developments from specific companies or investors. However, the data only includes numbers, charts and graphs rather than paragraphs.

      In short: less text, more data.

      Do you also offer a Drone Investment Report?

      In other years we have offered a report along with the database (click here for the 2020 version of the report). If your company requires a report-version of the database, please get in touch with us to discuss potential solutions: sales@droneii.com

      How was the data from drone investments and partnerships acquired?

      The information was collected by the Droneii team from all available public sources including press releases, company announcements, financial websites, online investment platforms, etc. When necessary, the information was corroborated with several sources in order to ensure quality and accuracy.

      Does the database include stock market data?

      No, the drone investment database is focused on investments by companies or individuals into drone companies. It does not include data from stock markets, stock prices, or other information related to financial markets.

      Do you also offer any report with stock market investment data?

      Because of the activity, volatility, and sheer reach of financial markets, we currently do not offer information on drone stock investments. We occasionally publish blog posts on this topic, but this is not something that we are preparing yearly reports on.

      However, we do follow such information within the company, so if this is a topic that you are highly interested in, you can get in touch with us about a carrying out a commissioned study: sales@droneii.com.


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