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Our drone services derive from our core mission: to create and share new knowledge in the field of unmanned aerial systems.

Our comprehensive understanding of the commercial drones market combined with a global view provides us with a unique level of insight into all aspects of the drone market. From drone applications, to drone services, hardware, software, or company rankings, we are the worldwide drone experts.

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Business Development and Consulting Drone Services

To really make informed decisions it’s important to have all your facts straight.

We incorporate technological advancements into organizational processes – flexible and adapted to our customers’ needs. Combined we have more than 40 years of experience in manned and unmanned aviation and other relevant industries. Together we can change how industries work today.

DRONEII Drone Consulting Service

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Our customers value our unique skill set combined with a very large network.

  • “DRONEII did a great job delivering an objective report and database, which is exactly what I needed.”

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    Alex Xie
  • “We use the Drone Market Report frequently as it helps us a lot in our internal decision-making process. It is difficult to find high-quality drone reports but DRONEII’s report is reliable and is covering important factors.”

    Takanori Muto 武藤 崇教
    Imaging Systems, Sony Semiconductors
  • “I highly appreciate the quality of research from Drone Industry Insights and the level of analysis to perform our Benchmark.”

    Audrey Pann
    Product Line Manager Drones, Thales Group
  • “Drone Industry Insights offers a broad market overview and convinces with profound studies on the trends and application areas of commercial drones. The data of Drone Industry Insights enable a focused development of our product portfolio and quickly reveal opportunities and risks.”

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    Leica Geosystems
    Director Marketing & Communications, Leica Geosystems
  • “The Droneii Team helped us define our future potential target markets as well as use cases and competitors. Overall I’d evaluate the service as awesome and very professional.”

    testimonial xtend - droneii.com
    Gadi Bar-Ner
    CBO of XTEND
  • “Our investors required a detailed and critical commercial due-diligence study. Drone Industry Insights managed this task very well. The result also helped us to identify strengths and potentials for improvement.”

    testimonial quantum systems e1647941503489 - droneii.com
    Florian Seibel
    CEO of Quantum Systems
  • “Droneii’s drone market data are leading in the market for business intelligence. We use them for strategic decision-making for our products”

    USA - droneii.com
    US Sensor Manufacturer
    US Sensor Manufacturer
  • “The Drone Market Report has served us well and given a thoroughly foundation for our strategical direction with regards to drones.”

    20210825 - droneii.com
    Mats Mikalsen Kristensen
    Vice President - Unmanned Andøya Space
  • “Drone Industry Insights provides the most reliable intelligence on the drone industry!”

    Andrew Scott - ThinkEquity
    Andrew Scott
    Managing Director - Investment Banking ThinkEquity
  • “The Team of DRONEII.com did a great job assessing the commercial Swiss drone industry. By creating a holistic picture they laid the foundation for us to better understand and further develop the national drone ecosystem.”

    DIAS Board Member KS
    Kevin Satori
    Board Member - Drone Industry Association Switzerland
  • “Drone Industry Insights has emerged as the leading reliable source of knowledge for the drone industry. We find their work very useful and are grateful for their work in helping this amazing industry grow and mature.”
    bentzion levinson
    Bentzion Levinson
    CEO & Co-Founder, Heven Drones
  • “The Counter-Drone Report helped us to better understand the overall competitive landscape and the market dynamics. We value this information tremendously.“

    Jen Colton
    Jen Colton
    VP Marketing, Fortem Technologies