AAM & UAM: Advanced Air Mobility and Urban Air Mobility

About AAM & UAM

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is an overarching term that combines both Urban Air Mobility (UAM), which involves transporting persons and cargo above the traffic within a city, and Regional Air Mobility (RAM) which is focused more on connecting suburbs, villages and small towns in the countryside as well as islands or communities separated by mountainous regions and rivers. Some of the key components and new technologies that make up advanced air mobility include:

  • eVTOLs / Air Taxis / Passenger Drones;
  • [Small] Drone Delivery;
  • [Heavy] Cargo Delivery;
  • Vertiports;
  • UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management)

Although in some way it is still relatively young and a lot of products have yet to enter the market, the Advanced Air Mobility industry is set to grow to US$20.8 billion by 2035 at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 22.1%. Its components (i.e. eVTOLs, drone delivery, cargo delivery, vertiports and UTM) will all grow at their own pace, with some expanding their markets faster than others. Naturally, the excitement around eVTOLs (air taxis, passenger drones) has pushed for a lot of activity in the urban air mobility segment of AAM.

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How We Help Identify Opportunities in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

On Demand Market Research and Consulting

Do you need to learn more about advanced air mobility (AAM) and urban air mobility (UAM)? Are you looking to capitalize on the huge amount of investments going to drone companies every year? We’re here to help! In addition to our extensive AAM Report, we offer tailor made solutions to support your decision-making, investment strategy formation and pitch deck creation. As such, we can help you find out more about drone investments through:

  • Workshops on the uses of drones across industries;
  • Commercial due diligence on your potential new partner, acquisition or investment opportunities in the drone industry;
  • Revamping of your pitch deck to help secure investment for your drone venture;
  • Market research to determine a market entry strategy for your product to enter the commercial drone market;
  • A plethora of other financial services relating to the global drone industry

Check out our service portfolio below and have around the industry at some of the experts who reference our work. If you are looking for anything in particular regarding advanced air mobility or urban air mobility, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss it further!

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