Infographic | The Drone Market Environment Map 2022


This infographic outlines the key players on the commercial drone market today. It includes over a thousand drone companies and is perfectly complemented by the Drone Company Database which includes all the companies on the map as well as regional and contact information (when available). Note: due to space limitations, the map is unable to feature each and every drone company around the world.

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  • Updated: October 2022
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Want further details of these companies? Purchase our Drone Company Database 2022.


Trying to find a drone service company focused on system integration? It’s on the map! What about a hardware manufacturer specializing in navigation systems? Also on the map! This free resource is the perfect complement for our Drone Company Database, which lists all of the companies that are on this map. All of this results in a unique combination of the visual mapping of companies alongside the list of names including company website, location (country, region, city), Linkedin page and contact information (when available). This provides not only a rich portrait of today’s global drone industry but also a specific mapping of over a thousand companies and what they specialize in.

In addition to this exclusive drone environment map and the drone company database, you can also gain a better understanding of the global drone market and where it’s headed thanks to our Drone Market Report. The report includes market numbers broken down by segment, industry, method, region and country. Among its most unique features, it also includes unit sales and forecasts for all of the aforementioned groupings until 2030.

Finally, in combination with our reports on drone regulation and drone applications, the Drone Market Environment Map provides a comprehensive view of the state of the drone industry in terms of what drones are currently doing and which regulations will enable more drone activities and scaling of operations.


The Drone Market Environment Map 2022 is an outline of the most current and relevant drone market players. They are categorised into three segments: hardware, software, and services; and, then broken down into further sub-segments. This is the 5th edition of our highly-coveted free resource, giving you the most relevant snapshot of the global commercial drone industry. Our drone market environment map exclusively features companies, organisations, events and associations whose core business is in drones and/or those who play an important role in the drone market are on our map. Moreover, the map categorizes all of these market players based on what they offer within the broader categories of hardware, software, and services.

The Drone Market Environment Map is a unique free resource, exclusive to Drone Industry Insights. It provides a snapshot of the commercial drone market as it stands now, outlining the most active current players on the market. In today’s highly dynamic drone market, where there are thousands of companies all around the globe, this map allows users to have a bird’s eye view of the market. It provides direction for those who know what they are looking for.

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