Air Taxis – an industry snapshot

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This Infographic helps to gain an understanding of the maturity and opportunities of “passenger drone” mobility concepts.

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Air Taxi Infographic

This .pdf slide provides an overview of the players and capabilities of “passenger drone” platforms.

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The slide shows current manufacturers of the air-taxis, funding situation and technological capabilities.

This sort of “manned drones” come in very different configurations and aim for different use-cases (short-range vs. long-range travel). Furthermore all the companies mentioned are on very different points of development – while some are still in a concept phase, others are already in the midst of the certification process. Same accounts for funding and/or backing by larger corporates (like car or aircraft manufacturers). The funding collected also shows the very early stage of this market segment – the certification process alone for the commercial use of an unmanned transport system is estimated to be up 1 billion USD. Not every company will be able to collect these funds.

Interesting to see is that most of the companies are very young which speaks fo a very new and quickly developing market segment.

Manufacturer mentioned:

  • Aeromobil
  • Airbus
  • Aurora Flight Sciences
  • e-volo
  • Joby Aviation
  • Lilium
  • Moller International
  • Pal-V
  • Terrafugia
  • Zee.Aero


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