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We connect investors with drone companies and drone companies with investors.

The commercial drone market moves fast.

Timely and successful investments are difficult.

But not with a little help...

From commercial due diligence to drone business model assessment and risk appraisal, any venture capitalist looking to invest in drone technology needs concrete and objective data. Drone Industry Insights provides financial services, credit risk research and other critical insights for investors who need to anticipate and mitigate potential risks in order to make informed investment decisions. We…

  • Assess commercial risk and compare pre-selected companies to simplify investment decisions
  • Strengthen your analysis when sourcing new and varying investment opportunities
  • Compare your internal research with an independent assessment or benchmark to strengthen your position
  • Perform due diligence and fundamental analysis to obtain a general business model assessment of potential investment candidates
  • Understand drivers and restraints of the market
  • Manage your portfolios to stay up to date
  • Provide access and contacts to top ranked commercial drone companies
  • Provide segmentation by sector or target industries

Investors looking for the next big thing.

We offer a commercial due diligence service for potential acquisitions or investments. Our final report will assess the market and strategic positioning of the target company. We focus on pre-established and proven companies, not high-risk new players. The precise scope will be discussed and tailored to your requirements, but typically includes the following elements:

  • Market structure, size, growth, drivers, and restraints
  • Key competitors, market share, competition, and barriers to entry
  • Customer survey and supplier feedback
  • Achievability of business plan, key risks and areas for improvement

The next big thing looking for investors.

Our goal is to enhance your exposure to target investors, generate interest and build a high-value shareholder base that is in line with your strategy. We will:

  • Check your pitch deck for completeness and integrity
  • Screen competitors, trends, target markets and regulation
  • Prep your management team for Q&As ahead of earning calls
  • Help in the match-making process to find investors
  • Lead the due diligence process as an independent resource
Drone Due-Diligence

Benefits of Our Due Diligence and Risk-Assessment

  1. Use Drone Industry Insights’ experience and expertise as an independent resource
  2. Profit from our extensive network to connect to leading drone companies and investors
  3. Receive on-point results, thoroughly researched, analyzed and validated
  4. Improve your companies strategic position with market data for substantial and sustainable growth

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