About the Drone Market

The drone market can be split into three segments and several sub-segments within that. At DRONEII we have the expertise to serve you no matter what group you belong to, or what segment or sub-segment within the drone industry you are interested in.


  • Platform Manufacturers
  • Components and Systems Manufacturers
  • Counter Drones


  • Data Analytics, Workflow, Computer Vision and AI
  • Flight Planning, Fleet and Operation Management
  • Navigation/Computer Vision/AI
  • Open Source Infrastructure/SDK
  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)


  • Coalitions/Organizations/Initiatives
  • Drone as a Service Providers (DaaS)
  • Drone Shows/Conferences/Events
  • Insurances
  • Marketplace
  • News/Blogs/Magazines
  • Integration/Engineering/Advisory
  • Maintenance
  • Market Research/Consulting/Advisory
  • Simulation, Education and Training
  • Supplier, Retailer
  • Test Sites
  • User Groups/Networks

Drone Market Report 2023-2030

This report forecasts the global drone market for 2023-2030, broken down by segment, industry, application method, region, and country. The figures, based on the DRONEII bottom-up market model, help stakeholders in the drone industry make short and long-term strategic business decisions.

drone market report 2021 -tiny compressed

How We Can Help You Navigate the Drone Market

On Demand Market Research and Consulting

Do you need to learn more about the commercial UAV market? We’re here to help! We offer tailor made solutions to support your decision-making, business model generation and operational improvement. As such, we can help you find out more about the market through:

  • Workshops on the market opportunities for drones;
  • Consultations on how to adopt drones to optimise your business;
  • Competitive analyses of your product or service to determine how you rate against others on the market;
  • Market research to determine a market entry strategy for your product to enter the commercial drone industry;

and much more! Connect with us on Linkedin, check out our service portfolio below and have a look at what our clients have to say about us. Looking for more? Then get in touch with us to discuss it further!

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