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Our custom-made Chinese drone market infographic provides a glimpse into the life of drone companies in China. It is based on research from our 2023 drone industry survey.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about drone companies in China, including a breakdown of what they do, their size, what they consider priorities, and what challenges they perceive. And if you want the full research on the commercial drone market, check out our Drone Market Report.


Downloading the “Chinese drone market infographic” provides valuable insights for professionals and enthusiasts in the drone industry. This detailed visual representation is essential for industry analysts, market researchers, and business strategists seeking to understand the dynamics of China’s drone sector.

The infographic offers precise data on key demographics, including occupation distribution and company sizes, giving a clear picture of the industry’s landscape. It highlights the primary sectors driving the market, such as components and systems, hardware manufacturing, and digital signal processing. Additionally, it reveals the industry’s overall sentiment, showing China’s drone market optimism score compared to the global average.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs can benefit from understanding the top priorities within the industry, including marketing and sales, software development, and hardware development. The infographic also identifies critical challenges like logistics, personnel, and domestic politics, helping stakeholders anticipate and strategize around these issues.

By downloading this infographic, a reader gains a concise yet comprehensive overview of the Chinese drone market, empowering them with the knowledge to make informed decisions and stay ahead in this fast-evolving industry. This essential resource enhances strategic planning and market analysis, making it a must-have for anyone involved in the drone sector.

For more information about drones in China, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“Putting aside the fact that DJI is the undisputed global leader in drone technology, the Chinese drone market as a whole remains a powerful pioneer and advocate for commercial drones and the benefits they bring. And it is not just DJI, three of the top 5 civil commercial drone manufacturers are Chinese, and Chinese companies also feature among the top 20 Drone Service Providers (DSPs). However, many are also aware of the Great Firewall and the difficulty in gaining reliable information about what is happening within China in various industries.”


The “Chinese drone market infographic” provides a detailed overview of China’s drone industry in 2023, highlighting key demographics, market optimism, and primary priorities and challenges.

China, with a population of 1.41 billion and an area of 9.6 million square kilometers, holds the top position in real GDP with $25.68 trillion. The survey reveals that respondents predominantly work in components and systems (29%), hardware manufacturing (22%), and digital signal processing (DSP) (17%). Other significant sectors include training and education (12%), engineering and integration (7%), and counter-drone technology (2%).

The company size distribution shows that the majority of respondents are from small to medium-sized companies. Specifically, 31% of respondents represent companies with 11-50 employees, followed by 29% from companies with 51-200 employees. Smaller firms with 1-10 employees account for 8%, and those with 201-500 employees also make up 14%. Larger companies, including those with 501-1000 employees (8%) and 5001-10000 employees (5%), are less represented. Companies with 1001-2500 employees, 2501-5000 employees, and more than 10000 employees each comprise just 1% of the survey pool.

The drone industry optimism score for China is 6.2, slightly below the global average of 6.6, indicating a moderately positive outlook. The top priorities for the industry include marketing and sales, software development, and hardware development. Conversely, the main challenges identified are logistics, personnel, and domestic politics.

This Chinese drone market infographic offers a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of China’s drone industry, providing valuable insights into the demographics, market sentiment, and strategic focus areas within the sector. To learn more beyond the Chinese Drone Market Infographic and discuss drone applications, the drone market, regulatory standards, and national differences in 2024 or to inquire about tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


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