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Our exclusive and proprietary Construction Drones Infographic shows how drones optimize the construction industry. It features projected market size, top manufacturers, and primary applications, including sub-industries.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about drone use in construction, which dives into the details of how exactly drones improve construction operations. For more details, have a look at our full Drones in Agriculture Market Report.


Downloading this infographic on construction drones provides a wealth of benefits for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Firstly, it offers a visually engaging summary of the pivotal roles that drones play in the construction industry. By breaking down complex data into easily digestible visuals, the infographic helps users quickly grasp how construction drones enhance site surveying, streamline Building Information Modeling (BIM), and improve overall site management.

This resource also highlights how drones contribute to safer and more efficient construction processes. With drones, construction professionals can conduct detailed topographic surveys without the need for extensive ground-based equipment, reducing the risk and time associated with traditional methods. The infographic illustrates the significant time and cost savings achieved through drone technology, making it clear how drones can optimize construction workflows.

Additionally, the infographic emphasizes the versatile applications of construction drones across various sub-industries. This makes it a practical guide for professionals looking to implement drone technology in diverse construction settings, from urban building projects to large-scale civil engineering works. The clear, concise presentation of this information can aid in making informed decisions about integrating drones into construction practices, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and innovation in the field.

Overall, this infographic serves as a valuable tool for understanding the transformative benefits of construction drones, helping users stay ahead in the rapidly evolving construction landscape. If you’re looking for more information on construction drones, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“The use of drones on construction sites was explored early on and has been steadily increasing in recent years. While dozens of industries use drones, the construction industry is one of the largest. In many applications, the software that processes the captured images and makes them usable also plays a very significant role. As a whole, the construction industry…


The construction drone infographic provides a comprehensive overview of the market size, key players, and applications of construction drones, focusing on the projected market growth, leading manufacturers, and specific construction sub-industries utilizing these advanced tools. The infographic highlights a significant growth trajectory for the construction drone market. By 2024, the market size is expected to reach $4.8 billion, with a notable increase to $6.2 billion by 2030. This rapid expansion underscores the growing reliance on drone technology in the construction sector for enhanced efficiency and precision.

Prominent hardware manufacturers specializing in construction drones are also featured. These include industry leaders such as DJI, Parrot, Autel Robotics, and MMC Micropilot. Additionally, companies like Microdrones, Wingtra, Percepto, and American Robotics are recognized for their contributions to advancing drone technology in construction applications.

The applications of construction drones are categorized into two main sub-industries: construction of buildings and heavy and civil engineering construction. In the construction of buildings, drones are employed to conduct precise and efficient surveys of construction sites, enhancing the accuracy of site assessments and planning. They also assist in the creation and maintenance of Building Information Modeling (BIM), ensuring up-to-date and accurate digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of buildings. In heavy and civil engineering construction, drones facilitate detailed topographic surveys, providing critical data for large-scale infrastructure projects. Additionally, they play a crucial role in site management, enabling real-time monitoring and management of construction activities, improving safety, and project oversight.

This insightful infographic encapsulates the transformative impact of construction drones, showcasing their critical role in modernizing construction processes across various sub-industries.

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