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This exclusive Electric Aircraft Companies Market Infographic provides a comprehensive look and unique look at the world of electric aviation. It shows the current and leading players in the industry that seeks to revolutionize aviation as a whole.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about electric aviation and the changes it promise as well as the challenges that these solutions face. For more details, check out our full Electric Aircraft Companies Database.


This Electric Aircraft Companies Market Infographic allows quick identification of companies involved in electric and hybrid-electric aircraft development, VTOL technology, and related systems. It’s an excellent tool for market analysis, helping stakeholders make informed decisions based on a comprehensive view of the industry’s main contributors.

This infographic provides valuable insights into potential investment opportunities by showcasing companies at the forefront of electric aviation innovation. It’s a useful reference to track industry trends and advancements. The Electric Aircraft Companies Market Infographic also benefits those involved in business development and strategic planning by offering a detailed segmentation of the market. It’s particularly beneficial for educational purposes, providing a visual and structured presentation of complex information that can be used in teaching and training scenarios.

Overall, downloading this infographic enhances one’s understanding of the electric aircraft market, supports strategic decision-making, and keeps industry professionals updated with the latest developments and key players in the field. If you’re looking for more information on electric aircraft and sustainable aviation, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“Commercial aviation is growing strongly, and with it, carbon emissions. But in contrast to other modes of mobility (e.g. cars, ships), aviation has not been able to significantly decrease carbon emissions or even show a solid agenda to replace fossil fuels altogether. That is why no industry is currently focusing more on saving weight and reducing fuel consumption than the commercial aviation industry. Sustainable aviation fuels are…


The Electric Aircraft Companies Market Infographic provides a comprehensive overview of the electric aviation industry, meticulously categorizing companies across various sectors to give a clear and organized view of the market landscape.

In the Hardware section, the infographic highlights companies involved in Electric, Hybrid-Electric, Hydrogen-Electric, and (un-)piloted eCTOL and CTOL Cargo aircraft. The VTOL Aircraft segment focuses on innovators in Electric, Hybrid-Electric, Hydrogen-Electric, and (un-)piloted VTOL and VTOL Cargo aircraft.

Within the Components & Systems category, the electric aircraft companies market infographic lists providers of Electric Propulsion Units, EPU Components, and Electric Storage Systems. It also includes providers of Vertiports, Power, and Automation Systems. The Software section encompasses companies specializing in Flight, Fleet & Operation Management, Maintenance, and Development, Simulation, and Testing.

The Services category comprehensively covers Airline/Operators, Delivery services, and Design, Development, and Engineering firms. This section also includes Education, Training, Insurance, Integration, Conversion, Market Research & Consulting, Booking Platforms, and Test Centers. Lastly, the electric aircraft companies market infographic details notable Projects, Programs, Prototypes, and Associations.

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