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The commercial drone use infographic shows the most common industries for UAVs as well as the application methods that each of these industries uses the most.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about commercial drone use in 2024, featuring the top industries, top application methods, and the interplay between these two. And if you want the full research on drone applications, check out our Drone Application Report.


Downloading this commercial drone use infographic offers a detailed, visually engaging overview of drone applications across various sectors, providing key insights into current trends and the expansion of drone technology in the commercial sphere. This resource is instrumental in highlighting which industries are adopting drone technology and how they are leveraging it, from basic mapping and surveying to more complex applications like delivery and disaster relief.

The infographic is structured to help visualize the penetration of drone usage in multiple industries, showing not only where drones are being implemented but also the extent of their use. This can guide decisions on where to allocate resources, predict market trends, and understand competitive landscapes. For those involved in strategic planning and investment, the infographic serves as a crucial tool for identifying growth opportunities and potential areas for expansion or new business development.

Additionally, the matrix format of the infographic allows for quick comparison between different sectors, making it easier to spot under-served areas or industries where drone technology could disrupt traditional practices. This can lead to innovative applications and services, enhancing operational efficiencies and creating new revenue streams. Furthermore, the infographic is designed to be clear and concise, making it a perfect tool for presentations and reports. It aids in communicating complex data in a straightforward manner, which is essential for aligning teams or stakeholders around strategic initiatives or proposals.

Overall, this commercial drone use infographic is a valuable asset for anyone looking to understand or capitalize on the dynamics of drone technology in commercial environments, ensuring informed decision-making backed by current, comprehensive data.

To discuss more about drone applications, the drone market, regulatory standards, and all topics related to commercial drone use, or to inquire about tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


This commercial drone use infographic provides a comprehensive overview of how drones are employed across various industry verticals, highlighting the diverse applications and the extent of adoption in each sector. The industries are listed on the y-axis, including Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Healthcare, and more. The drone usage methods are categorized along the x-axis and include Mapping & Surveying, Inspection, Photography & Filming, Delivery, Localization & Tracking, Spraying & Dispensing, and Other applications.

Each cell in the matrix shows the adoption rate of drone technology in that specific industry for a particular method, using a visual scale: symbols represent ranges of adoption from 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, to 75-100%. This allows viewers to quickly grasp which drone applications are most prevalent in which sectors. For instance, Mapping & Surveying is extensively utilized in industries like Agriculture, Construction, and Mining. Photography & Filming are prominent in Arts & Entertainment and Information & Motion Pictures. Meanwhile, Delivery services are notably emerging in sectors like Healthcare and Cargo Services.

The infographic effectively demonstrates the versatility and expanding reach of drones in commercial settings, making it an invaluable tool for stakeholders assessing the impact of drone technology across different fields. This visual data representation helps in identifying trends, investment opportunities, and potential areas for technological advancements in commercial drone usage.

For more information about commercial drone stocks categorized, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“When it comes to commercial drone use, most business developers and entrepreneurs want to know: which are the top industries for drones and what are drones doing there? That is the focus of the annual Drone Application Report, and this blog covers the most up-to-date answers to those very questions about commercial drone use.”


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