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Our custom-made Indian drone market infographic provides a glimpse into the life of drone companies in India. It is based on research from our 2023 drone industry survey.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about drone companies in India, including a breakdown of what they do, their size, what they consider priorities, and what challenges they perceive. And if you want the full research on the commercial drone market, check out our Drone Market Report.


The Indian drone market infographic paints an elucidating picture of the sector’s potential, clearly highlighting the strategic direction and the challenges faced by businesses within this space. With an optimism index towering at 7.8, outpacing the global average, this infographic encapsulates the positive sentiment prevalent in the Indian drone market. This visual representation is a distillation of critical economic metrics, indicating a vibrant and expansive economy with a GDP ranking that places India among the top three globally. It’s a potent tool for those seeking to understand the complex dynamics of the Indian drone market.

The infographic reveals the industry’s composition, showing a diversified workforce and a preponderance of small to medium-sized companies that are pivotal to the market’s agility and growth. Emphasizing the development of hardware and staff, the graphic underscores areas of high return for investment and innovation. It also candidly addresses obstacles such as industry competition, suggesting a market ripe with both challenges and prospects for pioneering ventures.

Resourceful and foresighted, the Indian drone market infographic serves as a key resource for business developers. It provides a visual benchmark of progress and a roadmap of factors critical to succeeding in India’s evolving drone market. This infographic is a testament to the country’s growing prominence in the global drone landscape, offering a concise yet rich analysis that’s essential for anyone interested in this sector.

For more information about drones in India, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“India’s agricultural sector, contributing 15.4% to the GDP while engaging 47% of the labor force, presents a prime opportunity for drone utilization. As in-depth research shows, drones can significantly improve efficiency and profitability in agriculture by providing real-time data for precision farming practices. And considering the high amount of labor force that goes into agriculture as well as the percentage of GDP that relies on agriculture, India is among the top locations where agricultural drones can have an immediate and vast impact.”


The 2023 Indian drone market infographic offers a comprehensive overview of the sector’s dynamics within the country. This graphical representation captures the essence of India’s position in the global drone industry, characterized by a population reaching 1.4 billion and an area spanning over 3.287 million square kilometers. India stands out with an impressive Real GDP, recorded at $9,279 billion, which positions it as the third largest globally. The infographic illustrates a significant level of confidence among industry stakeholders, with India scoring 7.8 in terms of industry optimism, higher than the global average of 6.6.

The composition of the Indian drone market, as depicted in the infographic, shows a vibrant mix of professionals spread across various sectors, with 21% each in DSP and Software Manufacturing. This suggests a healthy balance between service provision and the development of drone technology. Similarly, Hardware Manufacturing and Training & Education are also well-represented, underscoring the multifaceted nature of the Indian drone market. Small to mid-sized enterprises seem to dominate the market landscape, with a majority of companies ranging from 1 to 200 employees, indicating a market driven by flexible and dynamic entities.

The Indian drone market infographic goes further to shed light on the principal focuses and obstacles faced by the industry in 2023. While companies are primarily concentrating on augmenting their market reach and refining their hardware capabilities, they are also investing in the cultivation of a skilled workforce. However, the graphic points out that there are challenges such as securing public support, standing out in a competitive environment, and navigating the complexities of domestic political influences, which are integral to the drone industry’s progression in India.

This visual summary encapsulates the pivotal trends, demographics, and operational challenges that are currently shaping the Indian drone market, providing a snapshot that is both informative and reflective of the industry’s current state and its potential trajectory.

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