Infographic | Evolution of Drone Connectivity


This infographic gives an overview of the evolution of drone control connectivity over the years.

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This infographic provides an overview of the evolution of drone connectivity over the years.

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Upon popular demand, we’ve began to pool our research on the connectivity of drones to share with our audience. Should you want to know more, please check out our publication:

“The global market for commercial drones has grown significantly over the last decade and is expected to grow from $17.8 USD in 2019 to $46.4 USD in 2025. According to our calculations, the number of functional drones will grow from 12.2 million last year to over 18.1 million in 2025, spurring flight authorities and society to seek solutions to overview all drone users and the traffic, especially in cities.

Rapid technology advances on the propulsion, sensors and navigation and guidance systems led to reliable drone platforms. Consequently, drone technology became more widely adopted and the acquired data or transmitted video by drone grew immensely over the last decade. For this reason, not only does the drone industry require a quick data transfer from the drone to a computer or into a cloud-based processing program to decrease data processing time, but it also requires a low latency connection for live view or live streaming.”


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