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This infographic shows the 5 best remote-sensing service providers as well as the 5 best companies for drone delivery services.

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  • Updated: October | 2023
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Whether someone is looking for drone services or trying to start their own, many often look for the top drone companies so they can hire or emulate them. The top drone service companies infographic provides a simple and direct point of reference in order to find the top drone companies in the world.

For the second year in a row, Aerodyne has taken the title of the best company for remote sensing services. The Malaysian-based company has continued its strong expansion strategy, growing strongly and entering new markets around the world. The company is closely followed by Terra Drone (based in Japan) and Cyberhawk (based in the United Kingdom) who also kept their #2 and #3 rank from last year. Last year’s two Norwegian entries, Nordic Unmanned and Field, also managed to keep their position from last year. In other words, the top 5 remote sensing companies remained rather stable.

Our top drone service companies infographic also ranks the best drone companies for drone delivery, which also remained very similar to 2022. The American company Zipline continues to be the top company for drone delivery services, while Wing and Matternet remain the number two and three. This year, the Australian company Swoop Aero swept into the number 4 position, pushing the Israeli Flytrex to fifth place.

All things considered, this annual update of our rankings infographic provides a quick and easy way to understand what is happening in the drone service market and which companies are the current market leaders. For more information please refer to our blog post or the latest rankings report.


This unique “top drone service companies infographic” shows the 5 best companies for drone delivery as well as the 5 best companies for remote sensing. These include well-known brands such as Aerodyne, Terra Drone, Zipline, Wing among others. The ranking is based on company size, company development and public attention. These metrics factor in the number of employees that the company has as well as any recent news that may affect the pubic perception of the company’s current and future performance. Both rankings use an index where the #1 company achieves 100% of points, and other companies are ranked in relation to it.

For more information about the top drone service companies infographic, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“Each year, we revise our ranking of the global leaders in drone services by splitting them into two categories: remote sensing and delivery. As always, companies are evaluated based on three criteria: company size and development (growth), public interest (media coverage), and financial data (where available). Although this year’s top spots did not substantially change from last year, there was still plenty of activity within the top 20 of both lists. Moreover, the stability within the top ranks supports the idea that perhaps these top players have indeed found a way to market to and maximize profit from their particular niche.”

To discuss the more about the big players in the drone market, regulatory standards and national differences or tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


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