Infographic | 5G and Drones Applications


This infographic gives an overview of 5G and drones applications, i.e. the uses of 5G in the drone industry.

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  • Updated: April | 2020
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This infographic provides an overview of the uses of 5G in the commercial drone industry.

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This infographic contains use cases described in our latest post about drones and 5G. Here’s an excerpt:

“Current mobile networks are capable of serving drones in the low-altitude airspace which seems to be a perfect fit since drones fly rather low and cell coverage above buildings, trees, etc. is very good. Specific performance enhancements can optimize 4G or 5G connectivity toward more effective and efficient connectivity for drones while maintaining the performance of mobile devices on the ground. In principle, there are three major needs for connecting drones by means of 5G cellular data: UTM, BVLOS flights and sensor data transmission.”


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