Infographic | The 5 Levels of Drone Autonomy

Product Description

This infographic outlines the five drone autonomy levels.


Get this infographic to learn more about autonomy, automation and drones. Want a deeper analysis? Feel free to read our publication.


This infographic is the product of a long-term analysis of the current stage of automation and autonomy of unmanned vehicles by the DRONEII team. It outlines each level of autonomy of drones as well as the level of human involvement, drone activity and obstacle avoidance in relation to autonomy.

For more insights read our article on the topic here and enjoy the free excerpt below:

“One of the most common phrases in our industry is “we manufacture autonomous drones”. But can companies with very different products claim they have autonomous drones, and both be right?

The simplest answer is, yes. These vast differences in the types of solutions that are described as autonomous are largely down to the fact that as there is no single authority determining those definitions, they are often free-flowing. Not only are definitions free-flowing but phrases like autonomy and automation are mistakenly presumed to be interchangeable in both the drone and car industries. (It doesn’t help that when we discuss levels of autonomy, we look at degrees of automation).”


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