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Our drone jobs in 2022 infographic shows a distribution of jobs broken down by region, type of job and a comparison with similar research from 2018.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about drone jobs in 2022 with more information about the definition, regional breakdown, and how these drone jobs in 2022 compare to 2018


In today’s world, drones have become more and more useful for dozens of tasks, and that means we’re seeing more and more drone jobs in 2022 and beyond. Throughout the globe, companies and individuals are starting to use drones to carry out tasks more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Whether it’s taking photos, delivering goods, or inspecting a building, a drone astonishing and sometimes immediate results. That is why our Drone Jobs in 2022 Infographic provides a unique insight into the type of jobs that are out there and where to find them in terms of geography as well as function.


To understand which drone jobs may be more or less competitive, it is important to first categorize them. One of the first steps is comparing the regions where the jobs are being offered. With the remotization of work, it may not seem like geographic location is as important of a factor. However, the company where a job is based is still subject to particular recruiting or hiring laws as well as taxes and other aspects of labor and business law. For that reason, the location of the company that posted a job remains important, not to mention that it might shed light on the state of that country’s drone economy.


Additionally, our infographic shows drone jobs that are in other functions that are not simply engineering or robotics. By showing numbers if Marketing & Sales or Management, the infographic can provide useful and actionable information for anyone fascinated by drones and interested in working at a drone company but not necessarily in directly in the production of drone hardware or software.


To discuss the more about drone jobs in 2022, the drone market, regulatory standards and national differences or to inquire about tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


Before looking at the numbers, it should be noted that the jobs that are shown in the infographic are job openings at drone companies rather than jobs that involve the direct use of a drone. This means that a marketing job at a drone company counts as a drone job as much as a drone pilot job. Our goal here was to shed light on jobs to help the drone industry move forward rather than exclusively focusing only on jobs that build or fly drones.


As our drone jobs infographic shows, the leading country for drone jobs is the USA, and its lead is more than double the number two country, Germany. The next spots are occupied by India, Australia, Switzerland, China and Malaysia. Not surprisingly, many of these countries are also among the top drone markets in the world. As mentioned in the blog, one reason why top Asian markets (i.e. China, Japan, and South Korea) are under-represented in the infographic is because they use other hiring methods and platforms than those we used for the research (not to mention the linguistic differences).


When breaking down the jobs by role, the top roles are Software Engineer, Marketing & Sales, Production & Design, Hardware Engineer, Operation, and Management. These are the types of jobs that drone companies are seeking to fill the most. Lastly, regarding the industry segment, although drone hardware companies still lead the number of drone jobs in 2022, there was a substantial decrease in this sector since 2018. In comparison, both software and services experienced a substantial increase in jobs over the past 4 years.


For more information about commercial drone stocks categorized, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“The global drone industry continues to grow, and drone companies continue to show both plenty of promise and steadily strong results. They also continue to receive record-breaking investments each year. And all of this means that drone companies have both the capacity and the need for personnel to help them succeed. This results in an ever-expanding market for drone jobs. Our brief research yielded over 1,000 drone jobs in 2022 all around the world, and it is crucial to keep in mind that this is a very dynamic market.”


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