Infographic | Drones in Africa (Sub-Sahara)


The infographic “Drones in Africa (Sub-Sahara)” overviews the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where drones are widely used and the scale of the operations.

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This infographic provides a view of what countries in Africa are using drones at the moment, to what extent they’re using them and for what purpose. It captures the latest and most important developments on various African drone markets.

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The Use of Drones in Africa Sub-Sahara infographic is a an outline of the current drone activities in the Sub-Saharan region of the continent. The infographic contains a heat map which displays not only the countries were commercial drones are operated, but also gives an indication to what extent this is so.

DRONEII endeavours to cover the commercial drone markets in not only developed countries but also developing ones. This infographic is merely the beginning of DRONEII content covering drones in Africa.


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