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Infographic | Counter-Drone Solutions


This infographic gives an overview of the counter-drone solutions currently available on the market.


This infographic provides an overview of the key counter-drone measures and solutions on the market.

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Upon popular demand, we’ve pooled all of our resources, data and expertise to create a new global outlook article on the counter-drone industry. Should you want to know more, please check out our publication:

“With airport incidents and rogue drone reports piling up across the globe, the demand for anti-drone solutions has never been higher. Beyond witnessing the counter-drone market grow and forecasting how it will do in the future, it is crucial to understand the market landscape i.e. to get a grasp of what anti-drone solutions and measures are currently available.

Broadly speaking, anti-drone solutions and measures can be split into three types: detection, non-interactive measures, and interdiction. These three broad groups vary greatly in the ways that they are able to help you protect yourself against a rogue drone, as does the technology that underpins them and the regulations and that limit them.”


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