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This unique South Korean drone market infographic provides a glimpse into the life of drone companies in South Korea. It is based on research from our 2023 drone industry survey.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about drone companies in South Korea, including a breakdown of what they do, their size, what they consider priorities, and what challenges they perceive. And if you want the full research on the commercial drone market, check out our Drone Market Report.


Downloading the “South Korean Drone Market Infographic” offers a wealth of benefits to a broad audience including industry stakeholders, investors, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs both within and outside of South Korea. For professionals in the drone industry, this infographic serves as a valuable resource for understanding the current market dynamics and workforce distribution in one of Asia’s technological powerhouses.

Investors and business strategists will find the demographic data particularly useful for making informed decisions. By having a clearer picture of company sizes and the diversity of occupations, they can tailor investment approaches or collaborative ventures to align with the predominant market players – primarily small to mid-sized enterprises – which could lead to more targeted and effective investment strategies.

For those looking to enter the South Korean drone market, the infographic provides a concise snapshot of industry health through the optimism index. This could aid in risk assessment and market entry planning, providing a temperature check against global sentiment.

Policy-makers can leverage the highlighted priorities and challenges to understand the industry’s direction and hurdles. Knowing that ‘Marketing & Sales’, ‘Software Development’, and ‘Hardware Development’ are priorities, policies can be crafted to support these areas, while addressing ‘Inflation’, ‘Regulation’, and ‘Competition’ can be part of a policy response to facilitate industry growth.

Entrepreneurs and existing businesses in the drone sector can utilize the South Korean Drone Market infographic to benchmark their own company’s performance and strategies against broader industry trends. The knowledge of what the workforce looks like and what the competition is focusing on can spur innovation and strategic positioning.

Academics and researchers benefit from the distilled and visually engaging presentation of market data, which can enhance reports, articles, or contribute to case studies and educational materials.

Lastly, for those outside South Korea, the infographic is a gateway to understanding a key player in the global drone industry, offering a comparative perspective that can inspire cross-border collaborations or adaptations of successful South Korean strategies in their local contexts.

To learn beyond the South Korean Drone Market Infographic and discuss more about drone applications, the drone market, regulatory standards, and national differences in 2023 or to inquire about tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


The South Korean drone market infographic for 2023 presents insightful data regarding industry demographics, sentiment, and focal points. It reflects a snapshot of industry professionals’ backgrounds and identifies the scale of companies involved, as well as the overall industry sentiment and key areas of focus for the year ahead.

The demographic breakdown indicates a diverse range of occupations within the sector. The ‘Other’ category emerges as the most prevalent at 18%, highlighting the varied roles that contribute to the industry. This is followed by a tie between ‘Consulting’ and ‘Hardware Manufacturing,’ each capturing 17%. ‘Software Manufacturing’ and ‘Engineering & Integration’ are equally represented, with both securing 14% of survey responses. The ‘DSP’ segment constitutes 10%, and ‘Training & Education’ also stands at 10%, showing that there is a balanced mix of professionals from different facets of the industry.

Company size data in the South Korean Drone Market Infographic reveals a concentration of survey participants within small to mid-sized firms: 41% work in entities with a workforce ranging from 11-50, and 34% in the smallest companies with 1-10 employees. Larger companies are less represented, with only 17% of respondents from companies with 51-200 employees and a mere 3% each from organizations employing 501-1000 and 1001-2500 people, pointing to a drone industry led by small and medium enterprises.

The industry optimism level in South Korea is depicted as moderately high at 6.3, slightly trailing the global average of 6.6. This suggests a cautiously positive outlook within the South Korean drone market relative to global sentiment. Priorities for the year are clear, with ‘Marketing & Sales,’ ‘Software Development,’ and ‘Hardware Development’ taking precedence. Conversely, the challenges are dominated by economic and regulatory concerns, with ‘Inflation,’ ‘Regulation,’ and ‘Competition’ at the forefront. These points of emphasis underscore an industry striving to expand and innovate while being attentive to the economic environment and regulatory frameworks.

For more information about drones in South Korea, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“Despite the omnipresence of Chinese and Japanese neighbors, the South Korean Drone Market is also a strong player in the global drone economy. A quick search for commercial drone activity in South Korea reveals examples such as a drone show to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, and the announcement of new counter-drone technology which, although more military-oriented, still provides an interesting development for those interested in countering drone activity.”


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