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This Commercial Drone Statistics 2023 infographic shows the Google trends line for the terms “commercial drone market” and “urban air mobility market” throughout 2023. In addition, it provides a recap of some of the insights that came over the course of the year as well as some major headlines that relate to this research.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our blog post about commercial drones in 2023 which features some of our key findings over the course of the year.


Elevate your strategic planning and market understanding with our essential infographic on Commercial Drone Statistics 2023. Tailored for drone industry professionals, business developers, and anyone keen on unlocking the vast potential of commercial drones, this infographic is a goldmine of industry-specific data and trends.

By downloading this infographic, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge insights that can steer your business decisions effectively. It offers a detailed analysis of regulatory progress with actionable intelligence for compliance and market entry strategies. For entrepreneurs and business developers, understanding the regulatory landscape is vital for tapping into new markets and innovating responsibly.

The comprehensive market updates and investment trends presented will enable you to benchmark your business and identify new opportunities for growth and investment. The drone application data provides a window into consumer trends, helping you to refine your product offerings and services to meet the most pressing demands.

This infographic also highlights the key players and their market shares in remote sensing, delivery services, and manufacturing. Such information is invaluable for competitive analysis and strategic partnerships. Plus, with the advanced air mobility market on a rapid ascent, you’ll be well-prepared to pivot your business model to embrace future technologies.

Stay ahead in a fast-evolving industry with this definitive guide to commercial drone statistics for 2023 – a resource designed to empower innovation and inspire market leadership. Download now and take your place at the forefront of the commercial drone revolution. To discuss more about the big players in the drone market, regulatory standards, more detailed data beyond the commercial drone statistics 2023 or for tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


Discover the most comprehensive commercial drone statistics for 2023, encapsulating critical industry insights and growth trends. Our infographic provides a deep dive into the burgeoning commercial drone market, highlighting a projected CAGR of 7.1% that could see market value soar to $54.6 billion by 2030. Understand the regulatory frameworks with the UK and Australia at the forefront, ensuring safe and efficient drone deployment. The data showcases the dominance of Aerodyne in remote sensing services, while Zipline leads in drone delivery, revolutionizing logistics and supply chain mechanisms.

Investment trends reveal a slight deceleration from the previous year, yet companies like Skydio have successfully secured significant funding, emphasizing investor confidence. The infographic also outlines the most prevalent drone applications, with mapping and surveying topping the charts, indicating a robust integration of drones into commercial operations. The competitive landscape of drone manufacturers is depicted, with DJI holding a significant market share. Furthermore, the rise of advanced air mobility (AAM) is captured, predicting a stellar growth rate for the eVTOL market, positioning it as a future transport solution.

This essential visual summary serves as a strategic resource for stakeholders and enthusiasts, offering insights into the evolving commercial drone industry of 2023.

If you’re looking for more information on the drone news in 2022 as well as key takeaways, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“The latest commercial drone statistics 2023 show a market projected to reach US$54.6 billion by 2030, with the commercial sector growing faster than the recreational one. Services dominate with nearly 80% of market activity, with the hardware segment experiencing the fastest growth. The Energy industry will continue to grow significantly, and drone mapping and surveying is currently a market worth US$10 billion that is also projected to grow very strongly.


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