Infographic | Drone Applications per Industry 2021


This infographic shows how drones are applied in various industry verticals. Percentages represent how much of that industry applies a particular method.

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Drone applications are becoming more and more prevalent and noticeable throughout all industries. Whether it is Construction, Education, Energy, Mining, Transportation, or Waste Management, drones are often able to carry out tasks more safely and efficiently than people. This infographic shows how much drones are used as methods to carry out particular tasks throughout 15 industries. By having this information, business developers can find the most effective way to optimize workflow or even enter a market by carrying out the right drone application. In other words, seeing how drones are currently being used within an industry allows business developers to find a drone solution to help their business, and it can also provide insights into market gaps, where a drone could be used but is currently not.

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The most common drone applications are the ones making use of something almost every drone has: a built-in camera. Many industries such as Energy and Real Estate make heavy use of drones for Inspections while drones are used for Mapping & Surveying in several industries such as Construction, Transportation Agriculture and Professional/Scientific Services, among others. Our infographic shows which methods are being used the most in 15 industry verticals and what percentage of drone applications in each industry fall under each method (i.e. 14% of drone applications in Energy are for Mapping & Surveying while 83% are for Inspections).

Here’s an excerpt from our our blog post using this infographic:

“Twenty years ago, many people thought there was no need for a minicomputer in their pockets, and now most people own a smartphone because its applications revolutionized communication, entertainment, and banking [among other things]. Today, hundreds of companies are finding that a good drone operator with the right drone can do things faster, at a lower cost, and with greater safety for everyone involved. Good hardware and software are…”


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