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This infographic shows company development for some of the leading drone manufacturers. This company development includes both brand awareness as well as company growth.

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  • Updated: November | 2023
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Accessing this drone manufacturers development infographic can significantly enhance understanding of the commercial drone industry’s current market dynamics. It offers a visual digest of complex data, transforming it into an accessible format that conveys the growth trajectories and brand awareness of leading drone manufacturers.

For professionals in the sector, it allows for an immediate grasp of which companies are excelling in terms of market presence and which ones are burgeoning players to watch. This can inform strategic business decisions, from targeting potential collaborations to identifying emerging threats.

For investors, the graphic is a succinct analysis tool. It can spotlight trends in growth and brand recognition that might not be immediately apparent from spreadsheets or text-based reports, facilitating more informed investment choices.

Educators and students can benefit from the infographic as a teaching and learning aid. It encapsulates real-world market data in a format that is engaging and easier to dissect and discuss than traditional forms of data presentation.

For more information about drone manufacturers development, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“There was plenty of movement in the rankings this year, with a shift from 15 out of the top 20 civil drone manufacturing companies. Many companies (6) saw a decrease in their rank but a bigger number of them (9) managed to improve their overall ranking. The companies that increased their ranking the most were Autel Robotics (China, +7), Delair (France, +5), and Percepto (Israel) as well as American Robotics (USA), both with +3.”


The infographic presents a lucid snapshot of the evolving landscape for drone manufacturers, comparing their growth and brand awareness in 2023 versus the previous year. It’s a testament to the dynamism within the sector, highlighting the trajectories of various key players in the commercial drone market.

At the forefront, we observe DJI maintaining its dominance with a steady growth and high brand awareness, consistent with its established market presence. Notably, Skydio has emerged as a remarkable growth story, ascending significantly on both axes of brand awareness and company growth, indicative of strategic advancements and consumer recognition.

The chart plots other notable entities such as Parrot Drones, which has retained high brand awareness, suggesting a strong market imprint, although without a corresponding growth in the period considered. Companies like Autel Robotics, XAG, and Flyability show varied degrees of movement, with each dot’s placement reflecting its unique path in the competitive arena.

This graphical representation serves as an analytical tool for stakeholders, providing a clear depiction of brand positioning over time. The focus on “drone manufacturers development” in this context underscores the dynamic nature of the industry, with shifts and trends that could influence investment, partnership, and market strategy decisions.

For more information about drone company rankings, you can check out our dedicated page for the best drone companies. To discuss the more about the big players in the drone market, regulatory standards and national differences or tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


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