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The top drone applications infographic summarizes the top three industries for drone technology as well as the most common application methods in 2022.

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In today’s world, drones have become more and more useful for dozens of tasks. Throughout the globe, companies and individuals are starting to use drones to carry out tasks more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Whether it’s taking photos, delivering goods, or inspecting a building, a drone astonishing and sometimes immediate results. That is why our Top Drone Applications Infographic provides a unique value to help business developers and drone enthusiasts understand the most common uses of drone technology across the globe.

To understand which drone markets may be the most profitable or the most competitive, it is important to first understand which markets are the biggest. One of the first steps is becoming aware of the industries and methods that take up the largest share of drone applications. As the Top Drone Applications Infographic shows, these top industries are Energy (14% of all applications), Construction (12%), and Agriculture (9%) respectively. In terms of application methods, the top 3 methods are Mapping & Surveying (34% of applications), Inspections (25%), and Photography & Filming (19%).

It is important to note that the Top Drone Applications Infographic separates the two categories. This means that it does not highlight nuances such as the fact that Inspections are the most common application method within the Energy Industry.

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As our top drone applications infographic shows, the top 3 industries for drone technology are: Energy, Construction, and Agriculture. The percentages shown are as a measure of all drone applications within our 17 industry verticals (rather than a measure of drone adoption rate within each industry). This means that 14% of all drone applications take place within the Energy industry vertical, followed by 12% taking place in Construction, and 9% in Agriculture. Combined, these industry verticals represent more than one third (35%) of drone applications.

Our top drone applications infographic also shows that the top drone application methods are Mapping & Surveying (34%), Inspections (25%), and Photography and Filming (10%). In comparison to the industries, the methods are much more consolidated since the top 3 drone application methods represent 69% of the market. This may not be too surprising to drone professionals because those are the activities where drones bring some of the biggest advantages in comparison to a human.

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“What are the Top Drone Applications? Many might be tempted to ask this question as if the answer were completely straightforward. However, defining the top drone applications depends on whether we are focused on an industry, a method, or a specific goal (e.g. saving costs, increasing revenue, saving time). We’ve previously written about the way drones revolutionize business, but in less than a year since our previous post, drone investments have…”


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