About the Drone Market

Our drone market trends come from proprietary and primary data and are supported by secondary sources and opinions. This means that we collect and use information that you will not find anywhere else, which is then complemented with publicly-available data. Thanks to our network of drone experts and our collective decades of experience in the industry, we are able to look deep into the market, find drone market trends, and project how the global market may develop.

The drone market can be split into three segments (hardware, software, services) and several sub-segments within that (for example: services can be business-internal or offered to external companies). At Droneii we have the expertise to serve you no matter what group you belong to or what segment or sub-segment within the drone industry you seek to understand better.

Within the commercial drone industry we cover all the relevant drone market trends and super-trends that may affect your business. These include: 5G Mobile Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Urban Air Mobility, Unmanned Traffic Management, Internet of Things (IoT), The 4th Industrial Revolution, Smart Cities Initiatives, Robotics, and much more.

If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, we are also able to carry out bespoke studies on any range of topics connected to the drone market. Get in touch!

Drone Market Report

Learn about top drone market trends and UAV industry growth. 

This report forecasts the global drone market and analyzes the latest drone market trends, broken down by segment, industry, application method, region, and country. The figures, based on the Droneii bottom-up market model, help stakeholders in the drone industry make short and long-term strategic business decisions.

Our top-selling and flagship report provides the most comprehensive data about the global drone market. Download a sample here and make sure to get in touch with us today for more customized insights.

Drone Market Report

How We Can Help You Navigate Drone Market Trends

On Demand Market Research and Consulting

Do you need to learn more about drone market trends? We’re here to help! We offer tailor made solutions to support your decision-making, business model generation and operational improvement. As such, we can help you find out more about the market through:

  • Workshops on the market opportunities for drones and super-trends affecting the industry;
  • Consultations on how to adopt drones to optimise your business, factoring in the latest drone market trends;
  • Competitive analyses of your product or service to determine how you rate against others on the market in light of the current drone market environment;
  • Market research to determine a market entry strategy for your product to enter the commercial drone industry;

and much more! Check out our service portfolio below. Get in touch with us to discuss it further.

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